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We submitted claims for patients but we are not paid.The EOB states codes are wrong, modalities that are covered by patient's plan are not covered, etc. Our codes are correct and the modalities are covered. When customer care is called, they claim that they don't know anything and claim should be resubmitted. When we do this, we still do not get paid. They have a good *** going. We have filed complaints to the company CEO and to consumer...
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Had to get health insurance for my wife.Coventry was recommended by agent on website. Coventry found any reason to deny any of her health claims. Those that they paid on some claims to the provider, they later took the money back.The premiums that we paid them were a total waste of our money. The net result of all this was we were left with over 10,000 dollars in unpaid claims last year.The insurance commission should investigate...
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  • You want me to pay for a service i cant use
This is the worst insurance company I have seen.I have this insurance through where I work. I was admitted to the hospital with IV antibiotics for two days. I received a letter from the Waynesboro Hospital that the insurance company which is Coventry denied the claim as inpatient and that the Waynsboro Hospital was told by Coventry Insurance to submit the claim as outpatient which makes more bills for me to pay. Well then I guess Coventry owes...
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We were customers of Coventry health insurance for years.After many hikes in premiums (in the end we paid around $600/mo) we dealt with several denied claims- denied claims for things like our son getting a strep test. .. that we ended up paying $90 for on top of the co-pay... Many primary care physicians stopped taking Coventry which made it incredibly difficult to make "in-network" appointments.We are sure many other Coventry customers have...
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