Coventry Health Care Bronze Health Plan Reviews

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Price Affordability
Additional Fees
Value for money
My husband and I have the same problem with Coventry we paid our premiums on time they took money out of my bank account each month, my husband had some procedures done, we had prescriptions filled that was approved by Coventry now months later we are getting letters from the providers that we have to paid for the procedures because our insurance request the payments back because our insurance was terminated, no one from Coventry or the...
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I have called seven times since March to cancel my policy. They keep billing me and leaving harassing phone messages. I don't understand why they didn't cancel the policy the first time I called. They have ruined my credit rating. Honestly, what do I have to do to get them to terminate? They keep claiming I owe them money, but I cancelled back in March. They keep telling me that they'll terminate the policy, but then I get more calls and more...
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Anonymous If you would like an advocate, I will help you. If you have an APTC (tax credit/premium help from the govt), you will need to call the Healrhcare Marketplace to term your poli...

I didn't like
  • Lack of knowledge by staff
  • Being purposely lied to
  • Runaround
My wife has squamous cell cancer in her throat and lungs. She has been in the hospital for a month with one medical setback after another. She had a program of chemo and radiation therapy approved and was eager to begin. At this point in time she can hardly walk 2 to 3 feet without assistance; her trachea tube is often blocked by fluid build up in the tube and in her lungs requiring suction to be used to keep her from strangling to death. The...
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I liked
  • Payment of hospital procedures and facilities
I didn't like
  • Inhuman rejection of covering expenses of life maintenance care